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Just looking at the tracklist of slowthai’s second album, TYRON, you can tell how important the sequencing is to it. As a fan, why is sequencing even a thing of note when it comes to listening to an album? …


slowthai is releasing his debut album in May. It’s called “Nothing Great About Britain”. I’ve included the albums cover art below. …

It was my birthday a week ago on the 15th of September.

When I think of my birthday there’s always one moment I remember the most vividly. Can’t remember exactly what year it was but I feel like I was 9 or turning 9, I don’t know. Anyway, it was…

The day the first album by The xx came out my friend got me it as a present, and we sat in her bedroom and listened to the whole album undisturbed from start to finish. Neither of us said a word the whole time, it was amazing. It was a truly transcendent experience. I believe that’s how you were really meant to listen to that album.

I feel starved of moments like that lately. And nowadays I struggle to get her to pick up my phone calls.

Crazy how time works.

Alex Rest

Director @ THE REST

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